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As an animal advocate, Oephebia has been involved in many campaigns in her native France and here in the UK, to help the animals. Oephebia has and continues to sign petitions, write to people in charge of legislation, active protesting, educate people, give financial support, donate some of her art to raise money for animal charities and more.

Whilst she cannot attend every protest, she attends as many as possible despite her busy schedule.
Her main focus is the ocean, the badgers, Breed Specific Legislation, Rhinos and Elephants.
The issue of animal captivity is also very close to her heart, particularly the captivity of cetaceans.

However, Oephebia is passionate about many other causes including abandoning such practices as bear bile farms in China/Vietnam, the blood sport of bull fighting, the production of foie gras, experiments in labs, the fur industry, the farming industry, the cosmetic industry, puppy farms, greyhound racing, circuses using animals, poaching, illegal fishing, use of plastic. The list sadly, is a long one.

Whenever she can, she tries to give a voice to the voiceless.

Her favourite motto is “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened” (Anatole France).
Oephebia meets Ric O'Barry at the Close The Dolphinariums protest in Brussels June 2014.
Ric O'Barry is the founder of The Dolphin Project. He is also a well known figure in the marine movement against the captivity of Cetaceans.
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