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Animal Communication



Animal communication is a very simple technique enabling the communicator to receive information telepathically from an animal.
Information will be in the form of smells, pictures, words, sensations or thoughts.
The information gathered during a communication will be translated and then conveyed to the guardian of the animal.
Animal communication can be useful in many ways, these are some of the most common uses of animal communication, however this list is not exhaustive:

To find out the likes and dislikes of your animal.
After a house move, how is your animal feeling, are they upset? Happy? Etc.
How to make your pet's life easier and more comfortable.
To find out how they feel about a new arrival in the family (other pet or a baby).

After surgery, to ask the animal what can be done to make things better for them.
Is their treatment ok or do they suffer from side effects.
To help the animal to understand why they have to go to the vet.

To help rescue animals with a past, to help them to let go of the past.
To help your pet to overcome depression, grief, sadness etc.
To resolve emotional traumas or problems.
Jealousy with other household pets or with one of the humans in the house!

To help your beloved companion to pass on (very powerful and humbling experience).
To contact your departed beloved pet. Animal communication is beyond, time and space. So a departed pet can be contacted in the same fashion as normal animal communication.

Departed animals
To connect with your beloved pet who has passed on. This is a specialised area of animal communication that Oephebia is happy to provide for you. A compassionate and gentle approach will be used to help you with your grief.


A consultation is done in two steps:
Initial Animal Communication

• First of all, the best is to contact Oephebia to explain why you would like an animal communication, the name of your animal, age, gender, if neutered/spayed and any relevant information (rescued animal for instance).
On receipt of your email, Oephebia will be in contact to ask for more info such as the questions you would like to ask your animal.

• You will be then asked to send a recent photo of your animal (without any humans and preferably with the animal looking towards the camera) for Oephebia to focus on and connect with your pet.

• Thirdly, in order to book your consultation, you will need to pay the consultation fees using PayPal (major credit/debit cards accepted) as all consultations are prepaid.

On receipt of all, Oephebia will make the initial connection with the animal. In other words, she will connect with the animal and will get some general info about their character, favourite past time, etc. This is an important stage as it will give you the information needed in order for you to recognise your animal during the actual consultation.

Animal Communication Consultation

On the agreed day and time of your appointment, you will have to call Oephebia on +44 (0)207 274 3953 for the Animal communication consultation to take place. Oephebia can also do a consultation via a webcam.

Oephebia will provide to you the information gathered during the initial communication.

If, at this stage you do not understand or recognise the information Oephebia has given to you relating to your animal, your fees for the consultation will be reimbursed to you (minus administration charges).

Assuming that you are satisfied with the initial communication, Oephebia will then give you the answers to the questions you sent with the consultation form. This is the core of the consultation.

At the end of the consultation, we will discuss the needs of the animal and where necessary, what course of action could be taken for the future; (healing, training, change of diet, suggestion of Bach Flowers remedies will be made if needed free of charge).


Please note that Oephebia is not available to track missing animals.
You may be able to find a suitable animal communicator on this site.

If you need help with your horse because of a behavioural problems, the best is to get in touch with someone specialised in equine behaviour who can come to see your horse such as Wendy Price.

Please note that it is advisable to phone Oephebia on +44 (0)207 274 3953 to have an informal chat about your animal’s problem.

All Fees are payable in advance.
Consultation (Initial communication and telephone/webcam consultation). £80

Animal charities, shelters, sanctuaries, etc.
Fees on request.