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Animal Healing



What is animal healing?

Animal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for good veterinary care.
The therapist usually put their hands on the body of the animal to help the animal rebalance their vital energies towards releasing tension and/or pain from their body allowing the recovery process to take place.
Animal healing can also be done remotely, using a photograph of the animal. The results are similar.

Is distant healing and hands on healing the same thing?
Yes, hands on healing or distant healing are the same therapies used in different ways. They can both ease pain and discomfort on different levels; the mind, body and spirit. Animals respond quite well to healing and improvement can occur within a few sessions.
Oephebia is a natural animal healer (although she is a qualified as an animal healer) and she uses a technique called "compassionate release", a mixture of animal communication and healing which works very well on behavioural problems, emotional traumas, helping the animal to release the past.
She also uses traditional healing techniques (like chakra balancing for instance) during sessions.

Can healing cure my terminally ill pet?
Healing is a gentle complementary therapy; however, it has its limitations and does not provide miracles, particularly where terminal illnesses are concerned or when organs fail. What it does do, is to alleviate pain and support the animal on the emotional/spiritual and/or physical level, helping your beloved companion to feel at peace. This is one of the most caring gifts you can give to your animal before their passing on.

Distant healing
Oephebia specialises in this and is well known for her distant healing sessions in many countries, as she has worked with animals all over the globe (pets and wild animals). All animals are treated with love, compassion and respect.
Please note that healing will not be provided without a vet diagnosis as healing is a complementary therapy (working hand in hand with veterinary care, not instead of).


You can book healing sessions in blocks of five. Oephebia will send distant healing and/or use compassionate release for five consecutive days. She will then email you each day to let you know what happened during a healing/compassionate release session.
This method is obviously useful if you are living in another part of the UK or, the world as healing has no boundaries of distance. The sessions are equally powerful and effective.

• First of all, you will need to contact Oephebia and to tell her the name, gender, age of your animal, the vet’s diagnosis and prognosis, medication your animal is taking, other complementary therapies in place (if any) and relevant information at this stage.

• On receipt of your email, Oephebia will then contact you to ask for a recent photo of your animal (without any humans and preferably with the animal looking towards the camera) in order to connect with your animal’s energies.

• Thirdly, in order to book your consultation, you will need to pay the fees using PayPal (major credit/debit cards accepted) as all consultations are prepaid.

On receipt of all, Oephebia will provide you with dates for the healing to take place. Please note that she will send you an email each day to let you know what transpired during a session. It is important that you and Oephebia correspond each day for the healing to be directed where it is needed.


Please note that Oephebia will not work without a vet’s diagnosis. Animal healing is not a substitute to veterinary care. All Fees are payable in advance.

Distant compassionate release/healing 5 sessions: £85

Animal charities, shelters, sanctuaries: Fees on request.

Please note that it is advisable to phone Oephebia on +44 (0)207 274 3953 to have an informal chat about your animal’s problem.