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Bach Flowers Remedies

What are the Bach Flowers Remedies?

They are a complementary medicine, which means that they work together with any medical treatment your pet is undergoing. The remedies will not interfere with treatment your pet may be receiving, but will work in harmony with the treatment towards alleviating pain, stress and other problems.
The remedies are comprised of flowers, plants and trees and do not contain any chemicals. They are totally natural and made today according to Dr Bach's methods. The remedies contain Brandy which acts to preserve the essence and vitality of the plants and flowers used.

How do they work?

Today it is a well-known fact that the link between emotions and the immune system can produce good or ill health. A negative state of mind will help weaken the immune system and will lead to all sorts of problems ranging from benign to more serious.
Each of the 38 remedies aids a specific emotion such as fear, lack of confidence, bullying, anxiety, aggression, over grooming, stereotypies and more.
A remedy or a blend of remedies (a unique formula created for your pet only) will help your animal to rebalance their negative emotions to positive ones.
The remedies work by acting not on symptoms but on the cause of illness, behavioural problems etc. They will work to complement to any treatment your animal might be receiving.

How safe are the Bach Flowers Remedies?

They are 100% safe and do not produce side-effects.
If the wrong remedies are selected, nothing will happen and you will not notice any improvement in your pet.
Because they are gentle and work on a vibrational level, they can be taken for prolonged periods of time without any problems.

Bach Flowers remedies and legal requirement in the UK

The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone, other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and giving advice on such diagnosis.
In other words, only a veterinary surgeon can give a referral to use the Bach Flowers remedies, flower essences, zoopharmacology, self-selecting herbs and essential oils etc.

It is common practice for vets to give referrals to complementary therapists in order to help animals to improve on the emotional/spiritual and/or physical level.
Oephebia is a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner for animals (BFRPA), the only qualification recognised by the Bach Centre regarding animals and the Bach remedies.
Suggestions about Bach Flowers remedies might be provided (if necessary) during an animal communication or animal healing session, free of charge.