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When working with dolphins during a hunting season, many spiritual activists or light workers suffer from compassion fatigue.
mini guide
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This mini guide has 12 easy to follow steps to help to keep the spiritual, emotional and physical balance needed in order to continue working with dolphins.
Even if you are not a spiritual activist or light worker, but a grass root activist, you may also benefit from this guide.
As an animal advocate, Oephebia has been involved in raising awareness of the plight of Cetaceans in Taiji (Japan), the Grind in the Faroe Islands, the issue of captivity of cetaceans in amusement parks such as Seaworld and Loro Parque (and many other aquatic circuses) and the issue of whaling.

Whilst some organisations such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), Save Japan Dolphins (SJD), Earthrace and others are campaigning on the ground in different “hotspots” around the globe, trying to stop the hunting of dolphins, whaling, illegal poaching etc. Mermaids 4 Cetaceans works in a different way, providing remote communication and healing to the cetaceans.

Since 7th September 2012 when Mermaids 4 Cetaceans was created, Oephebia and a group of dedicated individuals have been working with the dolphins in Taiji during live drives, communicating with the dolphins. On many occasions, healing and other spiritual work has been provided to the dolphins held captive in the infamous cove.

Cetaceans are highly intelligent and social, sentient beings. To think that only humans are spiritual creatures is ego based. Since everything is made of energy from our planet, from the universe itself, the biggest animals to the smallest grain of sand, and everything is interconnected as one, it is not so far-fetched to think that animal communication/healing can reach highly sociable beings in the oceans and seas of this world.

Animal communication/healing knows no boundaries of either time or space.
If many people focused on the same thoughts at the same time during a period of time, things will start to shift. Thoughts create reality.

With this in mind, Oephebia and some members of Mermaids 4 Cetaceans have worked on a visualisation that anyone can download as a free MP3 to help the dolphins in Taiji, Faroe Islands, Solomon Islands and Peru.
Click on picture to listen to and/or download the MP3
Oephebia was interviewed in February 2014 for an article in Psychic Oracle (online spiritual magazine) regarding Taiji.
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