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Kheops is my beloved 9 year old American Pitbull Terrier. He is a very sweet, loving dog but since his puppy hood he has suffered from terrible separation anxiety which causes him to get up to all kinds of mischief when left at home alone. We have another dog, a lovely, sweet natured 13 year old American Staffordshire terrier named Xena. She and Kheops are the best of friends but sadly her company does not make up for human absence for Kheops.

As Kheops has matured his behaviour has worsened, as has his obvious distress at being left home alone something difficult to avoid for a working couple.

In early 2008 I came to know Oephebia via an internet forum although I have never met her in person and neither have my dogs. Over time I came to discuss Kheops' problems with her. I had a very positive first impression of Oephebia that has proven to be correct she is a very caring, kind person and extremely passionate about animals. Oephebia seemed to gain an understanding of Kheops' personality very quickly and made a number of insights into his character about things I had not discussed with her such as the fact that he is a very fussy eater or the fact that he was separated from his mother very young too young.

She explained to us the feelings of extreme anxiety that were causing Kheops to misbehave and recommended a long term remedies called Bach's Flower Remedies. She explained where I could order this and how to mix and give it to Kheops.

We have really noticed a difference in him since he has been taking the remedies. His behaviour is better, his eating is better, he no longer seems so anxious when we leave. Perhaps the best outcome is that due to his improved behaviour Kheops has made many friends both human and animal and leads a more fulfilled life. We are also able to spend more time with him, rather than just cleaning up after him! Oephebia has helped to enrich our experience with our beloved dog.

In January 2009, Kheops had an accident playing and injured his spinal cord. Fortunately we were able to get him to the vet for treatment immediately but there was concern that he may have permanent damage and possibly end up paralysed. The vet recommended six weeks of complete rest a difficult task with such a lively dog who tends to sense our stress. His back was curved and he had difficulty using his back legs.

I contacted Oephebia straight away for her advice. She recommended some different Bach's Flower Remedies to keep him calm, as well as different ones to help calm my own nerves and Xena's. This advice allowed us to keep Kheops calm and still vital in the treatment of spinal injuries.

Oephebia also explained to me how to do hands on healing and she herself did this from a distance. I saw an immediate change in his disposition and the curving of his spine lessened and went back to normal within a few days. The fact that my dog has made a complete - and unexpected recovery shows the difference Oephebia made.

We are very grateful to Oephebia for her kindness and her willingness to share her knowledge.
Kate, David, Kheops, Xena
We adopted Emma 18 months ago. She was semi feral and trusted nobody and was scared of everything. With patience and a lot of love she came round and became the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever known.

About a month ago a neighbourhood cat started terrorising her through our French doors in the early hours of the morning and Emma regressed dramatically. She would hide behind the sofa and refuse to come out and was so nervous and jumpy. It was heartbreaking to see but I knew that we couldn't stop this cat coming onto our property so we had to try and work on Emma's state of mind.

Oephebia suggested Bach Flower Remedies and although I shared Oephebia's belief, I did not expect the dramatic results we witnessed.

In less than a week I was seeing a huge improvement in Emma's confidence. I added the remedies to Emma's food which Emma didn't mind at all.

There were lots of issues in Emma's past (for example, the circumstances leading up to her living outside and fending for herself) that Oephebia took into account when putting together the blend of flower remedies and I can say that, without exception, Emma has improved in every area.

She is no long so upset by our neighbour's dog barking. She will once again sleep with her back to the French doors, she no longer hides away and, although I didn't think this possible, she is even happier than she was before the problems with the other cat.

Surprisingly, for an ex semi-feral cat, once she had accepted our house was her new home, she was no longer interested in spending much time outside. However, when she was being bullied she started leaving the garden for prolonged periods which upset me. Now she is back to lounging around on the decking but never wandering much further.

Oephebia has restored a balance and tranquillity to Emma's life for which I am grateful beyond words. She has now helped my cat Zag who she helped on his journey to the Bridge, and Emma, who once again has the happiness and security she so deserves.

A happy Emma = happy owners!
Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh
I have two cats, brother & sister called Itchy & Scratchy. They are almost 10 years old. About 4 years ago, Itchy broke her leg. She had to have it pinned, the joint fused & confinement while she was healing, so I turned the spare bedroom into Itchy's room. She was allowed back out of there after 3 - 4 months. But, she was limping very badly, so we sent her x-rays to a specialist, who recommended more surgery with a bone graft to make it stronger. This is what we did.

In the meantime, Scratchy had the house to himself & loved it. He has always been a mummy's boy; he's my shadow & follows me everywhere, even the bathroom!!!

Itchy had her second surgery & confinement again. When she was finally allowed out of the bedroom, Scratchy had problems passing urine. We checked it for crystals, which is common in indoor, slightly over weight cats between the ages of 6 & 8. He was 6 at the time. He had no crystals in his urine, it was all normal, so my vet shaved his belly to ultrasound his bladder. Again, everything was normal. We realised he was having urethral spasms, which can be brought on by stress. The fact that Itchy was now free to roam the house had probably triggered it.

After a couple of weeks, & some anti-spasmodic drugs, he was back to normal. But ever since then, he has never let the hair grow back on his belly. If he is stressed at all, he grooms & grooms the area. Over the years, he's had varying lengths of hair there, but the slightest sign of stress makes him groom it again. I also believe it is just a bad habit sometimes, because he has been doing it for so long.

I'm very aware of not being stressed around him, but we've all been through a lot this year, including moving home 3 times. When I am worried, he is too.

As I've said before, he is my shadow. Wherever I am, he is too. I'm a Veterinary Nurse & knew there were products to help with stress, so I tried them. I've used Feliway & found that it's inconsistent. I also tried Zylkene, a completely drug free tablet, that mimics the way they feel when suckling the mother. It makes the brain release the same chemicals. This seemed to help too.

After speaking to Oephebia, she suggested a combination of Bach Flower Remedies, so I bought them straight away. They are harmless; do not contain chemicals so I thought I would try them to see if I could help Scratchy with his problem.

I started using the remedies at the end of October & I must admit I didn't use them as often as recommended. Oephebia suggested different ways to use them, even massaging with the remedies on my hand, which, surprisingly he loved. I did notice after a few weeks, probably about 6 weeks, that Scratchy had stopped his obsessive grooming at bed time. This was amazing to me, because it was the one time that he was guaranteed to do it. He was acting more kittens like every day & seemed a lot happier.

This has been a slow process, but, the hair is starting to grow back on the inside of his legs, which is fabulous. He still does have a very quick groom when he is worried, but this happens so much less these days. I'm sure he has responded very well to the Bach Flower Remedies. They have definitely made an improvement to his reaction to stress. I will continue to use them, (they last forever!) because I firmly believe they have changed his behaviour. He is not so obsessed with grooming so I think he will eventually have a hairy tummy!

Many thanks Oephebia
Mandy James
Veterinary Nurse,
On January 28th 2008, Barnaby my beloved cat of 16 years disappeared after a long struggle with his health. Although I did everything to find him, I couldn't, it was like he had disappeared into thin air. I contacted Oephebia as I wanted to know if he was stuck somewhere, she was very sensitive in her findings and told me to prepare for the worst as he has gone to a better place and all she could see was darkness. I was completely devastated and so was Barnaby's 13 year-old sister Saffy who grew up with him since she was 8 weeks.

Saffy clearly showed signs of loss as she would not come when called, she refused to eat; she became quite vicious and would sit for hours under my bed.

Oephebia communicated with Saffy several times and said, she was feeling sad as she misses him, she said she can see him but he won't come in. Oephebia recommended that I buy certain Bach remedies which would help with the grieving progress. I rubbed the remedies into Saffy's neck twice a day, coupled with the healing Oephebia gave her. This was done for several days, until her behaviour changed.

She has now become more clingy and loving, although she has her moments, as she has the temperament of a Ginger Tom, and her appetite has returned. Saffy still has periods where she refuses to acknowledge you and now and again I find her lying under my bed, staring into space. I suppose this is to be expected as grief can take a long time to overcome. However, she is over the worst and when she has her off days I give her the remedies.

I recommend to everybody who is worried and has had similar experiences to mine to contact Oephebia as she will communicate with your pet and tell you what you need to do to help the healing process and more importantly she will tell you exactly how your pet is feeling.
Jeanette Brean
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