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I recently lost my beloved 14 year old dog, Elmo to kidney disease. In the weeks before he passed away I was put in touch with Oephebia by a good friend of mine. I had initially been a little sceptical about animal communication and healing but Oephebia was able to tell me all sorts of little quirks about Elmo and his character and about the things he was concerned about that were happening in my personal life over the last few months.

Oephebia knew nothing of Elmo or my personal circumstances before the communication and I was really moved by the whole experience, which helped me to really understand how Elmo was feeling and thinking and to understand how best to help him through his illness without him worrying about me too. The poor boy had taken on all of the stress I was feeling, but with Oephebia's help I was able to reassure him I was ok and that he mustn't worry about me but concentrate on getting better.

I had further distance healing sessions with Oephebia and Elmo was always calm and relaxed at the times when she was working with him. I looked forward to hearing her updates after every session and it really helped me to know I was working with somebody who truly understood what a special little man he was. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people I've ever met and she has helped me enormously, even after Elmo passed away.

It was a privilege to work with Oephebia and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Mel Manser (& Elmo)
Oephebia is one of the most talented and deeply compassionate animal communicators I've ever worked with. She is gentle, patient and respectful of each animal's needs and I'm truly impressed with the quality of communication she was able to carry out with a feral cat we've been helping.

We had quite a laugh when the cat showed Oephebia one of his 'friends' who appeared to be an enormous cat with black around its eyes. Oephebia wondered, "What kind of cats do you have over there in America?" Well, our kitty was actually describing a raccoon who eats with him at the feeding station daily. To kitty, the raccoon seemed to be just a jumbo cat. It just goes to show how easily the line between species can blur when the animals are well cared for.

Without hesitation I would recommend Oephebia again and again. She is an absolute gift to this world.
Laura Simpson
The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund
Just want to say a big thank you to Oephebia for the wonderful communication she did with our rescue dog Alfie. It was truly amazing. Oephebia has really helped us to understand Alfie and we will take on board all of her great advice.

It was also refreshing to finally speak to someone who is a genuine caring person as there does not seem to be many people like her around nowadays.

Love & light :)
Jenna Evelyn Birks
Recently I was reading about what Oephebia has been doing to help Patrick, the dog who was thrown down a 19 floor garbage shoot in a plastic bag and left for dead.

I wanted to see if Oephebia could help my dog Bugsy who has been more and more withdrawn and insecure since our dog Luther died.

Oephebia started the healing sessions and the information she was relaying back to me about Bugsy and Luther was amazing and very insightful. I could not wait to get the report from Oephebia on their session each day.

Oephebia made me realize that I was also grieving the loss of Luther and needed to move on which in turn would help Bugsy. Oephebia suggested starting Bugsy on the Bach flowers to calm his nerves and help him to get over the loss of Luther.

With all of the knowledge Oephebia provided, I was able to deal with the guilt I was feeling about having to put Luther down, and make some adjustments on how we treat Bugsy (who is a lot more sensitive than Luther was).

We have seen some tremendous progress in Bugsy. He is becoming a more confident, happy dog who is smiling and constantly wagging his tail.

Thank you Oephebia!
Karen Cerri
Earlier this year one of my dogs Barley ran home from our usual walk, very, very scared. He acted like never before, and he was scared of both me and my husband when we tried to encourage him to come to us. It was like something from his past had come back to haunt him.

I asked Oephebia to help us, to see if she could talk to Barley and find out what had spooked him so badly.

Oephebia connected with Barley very well, she told me lots of funny little quirks that confirmed she was indeed communicating with him - and confirmed what I had suspected, that something / someone from his past had been out there and had triggered memories of the dreadful life he had before coming to live with us. (He was a gypsy dog before).

Thank you Oephebia for unlocking the mystery and talking to Barley for us.
Penel Malby
Dog Communication
When one of my beloved macaws died in surgery, her lifelong companion, Seraphene, clearly grieved for her. It was Oephebia to the rescue.

She described both parrots to a tee and really connected to the innermost thoughts of Seraphene to help free him of his depression.

There is no doubt in my mind that without Oephebia, Seraphene would still be suffering sadness…I am so grateful for her help and the comfort she brought through the healing sessions.

As an animal communicator, Oephebia is compassionate and loving with an extraordinary talent for reading and interpreting the complex feelings of parrots.

It's great to know that there is someone I can turn to in a crisis to help my birds through it.

Thank you so much.
Nancy Travis
South Florida
Oephebia has been a friend of mine for several years now and I have attended one of her fantastic animal communication workshops.

On the day that I helped my beloved cat, Zag, on his final journey, Oephebia agreed to communicate with him. While we were sitting waiting to go into the surgery, Zag's behaviour suddenly changed from anxious to calm and I knew Oephebia was communicating and I knew she continued to do so until he found his wings.

It is impossible to put into words the comfort I felt, knowing that he was not alone.

Whilst my husband and vet (a friend) cried over the loss of such a gentle soul, I was overwhelmed at how beautiful his passing had been. My biggest fear had always been that Zag would be alone and confused when he left me but I sensed that this was not the case.

Oephebia emailed me later that day to tell me about Zag's last moments and it increased my serenity, knowing that Zag understood and was not scared.

Oephebia's love of animals is evident in everything she does and I feel very privileged to have had her help both my cats.

I could never recommend her highly enough and her compassion, warmth and genuine sympathy are so comforting and reassuring.
Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh
Our beloved cat, Blackberry, had lymphoma and was rapidly going downhill - there was nothing more the vet could do. He absolutely hated going to the vets, so we were in a dilemma about how much he was suffering and if we should have him put out of his misery.

Oephebia linked into him, gaining the valuable information that he was not quite ready to go yet, with validations that there was no way she could have known about his behaviour and personality.

When the time came, we fortunately found a travelling vet who put him to sleep in his favourite place, between the lilac tree and apple tree (as he requested to Oephebia during his communication with her).

At the precise time the injection was given, Oephebia linked into him again to guide him on his way, giving us great comfort with the information she picked up. She really is an amazingly gifted animal communicator - one of a kind!
I would just like to share with everyone my experience with working with Oephebia to help alleviate the stress my 6 year old Staffordshire Bull terrier (Rosie) seemed to be under. She had a poor early start with moving house, losing her owner, and being boarded for weeks at kennels. She also was locked in her home alone for a week when the owner collapsed in the street and no one knew the dog was there.

Rosie has been very nervous outside and also hyper active in the home since that time. Never seeming to relax, and not behaving at all well. Despite taking Rosie to dog obedience classes, and spending a lot of money on spending time with a dog behaviourist, Rosie did not improve.

Luckily for me I heard of Oephebia. I contacted her and arranged for some communication and healing sessions with Rosie. The results have been AMAZING. Rosie has been much more relaxed at home and far better behaved. She still has a few issues with 'noises' but otherwise is a completely changed dog. She is so much better to live with.

I believe Oephebia is a very special lady, being able to easily communicate directly with animals. I would have been VERY skeptical if someone had told me about her, but having seen the results for myself am in no doubt that something incredible has happened here.

I would recommend her to anyone who has tried to solve their pet problems, and like I did, thought there was no possible solution.

Thanks again Oephebia.
Joni Hunter
My Greyhound Blue had a really nasty accident and broke his leg. It was touch and go whether he would be able to keep his limb.

After hearing the wonderful work Oephebia was doing, I decided to give her a call. I told her what had happened and she reassured me that Blue should go ahead for the reconstruction of his leg and not to have it amputated.

Obviously, I was very worried but she was so kind and sympathetic which put me at ease straight away and she was also emphatic that she could help ease his pain and be able to communicate with him which would give him some comfort.

She started with some distant healing while he was at the Royal Veterinary College which was interesting as I found out through her communication with him that he thought he'd been abandoned.

This made sense to me as he was a rescue and had been abandoned in his past before I had him. She reassured him that, this was not the case and must concentrate on his recovery.

His operation was a success thanks to the Vets of course but I was convinced that the communication that took place between Oephebia and Blue had significantly helped his state of mind and aided the healing process.

Once home Oephebia came to my house to give Blue a consultation. She communicated again with him and gave him an intense healing session, plus alternative medication called Bach Flower remedies.

Remarkably his swelling on his leg had considerably subsided the following day! For the next five days she communicated with him distantly and gave him healing and emailed me with his thoughts and progress.

It's been nearly a month now and he is doing very well both physically and mentally. The vets are surprised by his rapid recovery and now very hopeful for his future but I am convinced that the intuitive and remarkable work performed by Oephebia greatly helped his progress.

I would highly recommend her.
Jonell Elliott
The communication with Ester was very accurate in so many ways, her character, where she lives and even down to naming and describing Esters friends she lives with in the field.

I always had trouble loading Ester into the trailer. This is due to her bad experiences with her previous owner, which Oephebia described in great detail.

After the communication, compassion release technique and lots of reassurance from Oephebia, Ester loaded into the trailer with very little fear and continues to load very easily and with confidence. I am delighted.

Thank you Oephebia xxx.
Sharon King
Wow, what an experience! I needed help to find out what was going on in Jake's mind and body, after he had had several accidents and illnesses driven by his behaviour and environment. I needed to know the best possible way to help him.

Oephebia communication with Jake was so accurate that I could start to understand his behaviour, how he was suffering and makes progress to getting him right and life right for him.

Between us Jake and I have a new understanding and deeper love for each other. We both are calmer, relaxed and happier and this has been noted by Jake's vet and osteopath.

I am so looking forward to the healing session Oephebia is going to give Jake and her further help to both of us in the future.

Oephebia is fantastic, such a gifted lady and I cannot express how grateful we are.
Rachel Richardson
I contacted Oephebia in April 2007 as my cat Barnaby came in from the garden with cuts/bites on his head. Throughout the day I noticed his eye getting more and more swollen he was extremely grumpy and whenever I went near him he would hiss, I also noticed he was off his food, this cat usually loves his food.

Barnaby told Oephebia that he had a fight with a small fox; the fox came into the garden and refused to leave. Barnaby said he is a warrior and he was defending his territory from this rude animal. (So many foxes visit my garden).

Barnaby told Oephebia that he had a headache and that he wanted to be left alone, he also told her that he had toothache and found it difficult to eat.

Oephebia told Barnaby that he must go to the vet tomorrow and that he must not runaway when he sees me with the carrier basket. He told her that he has not been to the vet for a while, which was true. However, he said he will go to the vet and when he returns he wants a special treat.

The next day I pulled out his carrier and he happily got into it. This was very unusual as he usually runs away as soon as he sees it. I took him to the vets who said he has definitely been bitten caused by fighting and that the bites have caused an infection. The vet then proceeded to squeeze all the poison from his head which was causing his headache. The vet checked his teeth and sure enough Barnaby had swollen gums caused by rotting teeth.

Thanks to Oephebia Barnaby has recovered and proceeds to guard the garden and eat me out of house and home.
Jeanette Brean
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