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I was in Orlando/FL when my first and beloved dog Bebe passed away in Brazil. A week before going to Orlando, his vet said he had cancer. However, she said I could travel because he was doing fine (he was eating like a horse and he was playing with my other dogs). So, I went to Orlando and a week later my boyfriend called me and said Bebe had been hospitalized.

In my prayers, I begged him to wait for me, but he passed away just one day before I was back to Brazil. I felt devastated and guilty of not being by his side when he needed me the most. I wish I could have said to him how important he was in my life and that I would love him forever. But, thanks to Oephebia, now he knows that.

I knew Oephebia and her work through Patrick the miracle dog's story, so I took a look at Animals Can Talk 2 Me and I decided to ask for her help. Since our first contact, I felt such a connection and trust with Oephebia. She was kind and thoughtful to me. She advised me to take some Bach Flower Remedies in order to get better about my guilt.

When I was talking to Oephebia on the webcam, I felt like I was talking to Bebe. I could feel him by my side. I have no words to describe such experience. Oephebia said he wasn't in pain due to the pain killer and he couldn't wait for me because it was planned all along, but he was ready and peaceful at that moment. Bebe wanted me to remember him like a brave, strong and healthy dog. He asked me to stop blaming myself.

The description of his character that Oephebia gave to me was amazing. She said he thought birds were interesting, but she said he didn't chase them. It was true. Bebe showed his paws to her. I explained to Oephebia that he had some allergic issues in his front paws when he was younger and it took almost 2 years to heal them. Oephebia asked me about some digging Bebe was doing that was unusual and I told her Bebe used to dig the cushions on the sofa to hide his dog biscuits.

Oephebia asked me why Bebe said my last Christmas was sad. It was very different from the other ones. I explained to her it was my first Christmas without him and because it was one month of his death. (He passed away on 25 November). She said he asked me to make this Christmas happier.

Oephebia gave the closure that I needed to move on. It meant a lot to me knowing he doesn't blame me and we will love each other forever. I don't feel guilty anymore and I now I can look at his photo and smile instead of crying.

I will be grateful for Oephebia's help forever. Her help is priceless. If you need help with your furry friend, I highly recommend Oephebia.
Fabiana D. Rocha
Sao Paulo
I just cannot thank Oephebia enough for what she did for me with her communication to my beloved horse Christopher, who passed away from this life in the fall of 2009.

I contacted Oephebia with the hope she could help me resolve my lingering grief over the loss of my dear friend, and her kind, compassionate communication has allowed me to truly begin the healing process I have so far been unable to even approach.

For the first time since I lost Christopher, I felt as though we were together again, thanks to Oephebia facilitating our communication the entire way between this world and the next. I will be forever grateful to Oephebia for this opportunity and I will forever cherish the experience.
Vince Giannini
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