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I care for a wonderful dog named Brin who was a starving stray found on the Lashkar Gah Road in Helmand Afghanistan. He has an incredible story from being able to sniff out landmines to being captured by the Taliban who thought he was a specially trained army dog.

He became a true friend to the UK troops serving there and after a huge fundraising effort coupled with a long journey of over 4,000 miles he eventually made it home to the UK via the charity Nowzad who help dogs and cats in Afghanistan and Iraq.

After all that Brin spent 6 months in quarantine where he learnt to trust and play with toys, something he had never had.

Coming home he was faced with three new companions, my elderly collies. There was also a cat and pet rabbits!

Brin coped well for a while but soon a few issues arose where he would begin to guard doorways and growl at the dogs, at strangers and certain members of the family causing tension and concern.

Although not an overly aggressive dog these issues were a worry and having found Oephebia via a Facebook link I was drawn to her work and wrote to her asking for help.

Through the healing sessions she also communicated with Brin. He would sleep and she would send me wonderful detailed messages about all they had shared. There were things in those communications that no one else could have known and they became the highlight of my evenings. I learnt so much about Brin from his past life on the streets to things that concerned him in his new life and this enabled us all to understand the difficulties he was facing and how confusing it all was at times.

Although we were thrilled to have him safe we learnt that for an animal this is not an easy passage at time. There are many obstacles to overcome from understanding love and what that is to coping with a completely new environment especially for Brin who had lived in a desert for most of his life.

I cannot express the change that has occurred in Brin. He is so much more relaxed and has stopped growling at family members and is far more able to accept his surroundings without fear. We too have come to know him on different level and appreciate all he has achieved in such a short time in the UK.

Oephebia has achieved wonders with this wonderful soul and we cannot ever thank her enough.
Sally Baldwin
I would like everybody who is reading this to know how wonderfully talented Oephebia is in healing an animal. I have had dealings with Oephebia on animal communication before, but this is the first time I have asked her to use her gift to help an animal, namely our beloved pet goat Felix.

Oephebia not only correctly diagnosed his problem, which was a blocked urinary canal through a swelling within that area causing him to not be able to urinate, but with her love and gift she managed to unblock him. It was a tremendous physical and spiritual work for her.

We live in Africa and she was healing from the UK, but with our love for Felix and her ability he managed to pee after days of being blocked.

He is now on the road to recovery and just yesterday regained his normal voice, bleating to greet us. He is walking around the garden and is generally looking much like his old self.

At one stage he was at death's door but every time she healed him he would relax, rest and afterwards be a completely different animal. She only told me after a session when she was working on him and it always coincided with the times he was more at rest and peaceful.

I cannot praise her abilities enough and truly recommend her to anybody who loves their animal and needs help when they have a problem.

We had no vet nearby to turn to and the drive of six hours to find a vet could easily have killed him so Oephebia in my eyes has saved Felix's life and we are forever in her debt.
Karen Paolillo,
Turgwe Hippo Trust
Hippo Haven
The Turgwe Hippo Trust
I have a rescue Blue and Gold Macaw who goes by the name of Emma. This bird was suffering from an illness called Aspergillosis and was very sick with it. This fungal infection is a known killer of birds. Emma came to our sanctuary in a very weak state and we really did not think she would survive. She had many operations and medications, by an excellent avian vet, but after many operations the dreaded fungi came back time after time. Again and again the vet performed some amazing surgery. I had come to the conclusion that it would be better for Emma if we let her go in peace.

Oephebia offered to do some healing with Emma and although I feel very comfortable with this, I did not think even Oephebia's talent could overcome Emma's illness.

Needless to say that I was very happy to be proven wrong. With the skill of the vets that worked with Emma and the loving healing that Oephebia sent, Emma rallied.

With the continued veterinary treatment and only 5 sessions of distant healing Emma improved. Oephebia worked with Emma so well that I found her behaviour was improving as well. I went down for the dreaded scope to find out if I was going to have to put Emma to sleep. As the surgeon put the scope down her throat I could see pink and healthy tissue. Every inch was clean.

I believe that if we work together bringing all the resources available to us, spiritual, medical and behavioural we can make a difference. I could write about how wonderful Oephebia is for hours, but I would just like to say she is my Star.

Thank you Oephebia you have no idea how much comfort I got in a time of desperation just to have you there helping Emma all the way with your love and healing.
Yvonne MacMillan
Parrot Behaviour Consultant


Little Mo, one of our rescued African grey parrots, had a serious and persistent health condition that veterinary treatment helped stabilise in 2006, but in April 2007 the problem recurred. This time, veterinary treatment did little to abate the suspected internal abscess or possible benign tumour its identity was somewhat ambiguous. When Little Mo stopped eating and became violently sick with slight traces of blood in her droppings, I tearfully contacted our vet and after discussing the grave situation made a provisional booking for her euthanasia that afternoon.

From a quantum metaphysical level and spiritual healing perspective, I understand that everything is energy and that identification of what is causing ill health matters very little, as the predisposing cause of illness is due to the invasion of negative energy.

Inspired by animal communication, I contacted Oephebia, who had communed with some of our rescue parrots, for her valuable animal communication gift. Oephebia very kindly responded immediately and connected with Little Mo, who conveyed that she wanted to stay with me and was not ready to leave her physical existence and that whatever the outcome, she would be alright. Oephebia also sent Little Mo distant healing, which the one in need can receive for either physical or spiritual healing - or both elements together if it is for their higher good. Not long after the communication, Little Mo slowly climbed up my arm and onto my shoulder. Her symptoms abated and she seemed brighter.

Oephebia continued her communication and distant healing with Little Mo and kept me informed at each stage. This brave little parrot always expressed her love of me and that she wanted to stay with me in her familiar surroundings. Oephebia knew that Little Mo was soon to depart and this was sadly the situation seen in Little Mo's condition gravely deteriorating. I knew the end was close and when I reflected upon her communications with Oephebia and briefly with myself, I became fully aware of the true meaning behind them; that it was, indeed, a spiritual communication to prepare me for her transition and her own physical departure. Little Mo had chosen a natural physical death and when that moment came, she passed away at 1.05 pm on 19th May 2007 whilst I held her close to me, telling her that I loved her and always would with heartfelt love and deepest sadness.

The amazing grace of Little Mo's passing in what transpired during the actual time of Mo's passing is seen in the following excerpt from Oephebia's email to me. Unbeknown at the time to me, Oephebia had been communicating with our beloved Little Mo as she was passing away in my arms.

"I have just done healing on Mo from 1.00 pm to 1.10 pm. She was feeling sad and a bit distraught, with a slight breathing problem and nauseous. After a while, she came down and at the end of the session she seemed to be more relaxed and serene."

I was naturally tearful and upset at losing such a beloved bird, but I also felt a sense of peace and that all was well with her. I realised through this poignant experience that we cannot alter what is meant to be but that we are given the opportunity through animal communication to open our hearts and correct any mistakes and misunderstandings between our beloved animals and us. This enables us to accept the past, present and future and thus move on for the higher good of all.

In the past, I had always experienced emotional turmoil over the passing of the animals and birds with whom I were privileged to share my life. However, the amazing communication between Oephebia and dear Little Mo became a turning point in my life and brought to me a greater understanding and meaning of communion and oneness with our animals friends and the natural world.
Julie Hamilton
New Life Parrot Rescue
I asked Oephebia for help when everyone else had given up on my beloved and very special dog Cartier. Cartier is a four year old Afghan hound who at the time had infected nail bed for over a year and despite many visits to various specialists and having done countless tests and even removal of nail, nobody was able to help him. We were told that we will have to have his toe amputated, even though nobody even knew what was wrong with him. I just felt in my heart that it was neither the answer nor the right thing to do.

Out of desperation, I contacted Oephebia as after all we had nothing to lose. At the same time I found a greyhound specialist Daniel Doherty who removed Cartier's nail that one last time and under his care Cartier had completely recovered after a year of him being in pain and not being able to run free. Even though, it was Daniel who cured my beloved Cartier, I truly believe that without Oephebia, it would not been possible.

Oephebia is an amazing lady with endless love and understanding for all animals. She gave Cartier healing and we could see results within days. She communicated with Cartier and believe or not, but we could see results the next day! Even my husband, who didn't really believe in healing, changed his mind. It was hard not to. We could see the wonderful changes in him almost overnight.

Thanks to Oephebia, Cartier is much healthier, happier and more loving dog that he had ever been.

We are incredibly grateful for all her help as she literally changed our lives. I would definitely very highly recommend Oephebia to anyone looking for healing or communicating with their pets. She really is amazing.

THANK YOU, OEPHEBIA! You truly are one of a kind.
Andrea Vandermolen
Contacting Oephebia is absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my dog Harvey. He benefitted tremendously from the distant healing he received from Oephebia and made a most remarkable recovery. I am convinced he would not be alive today without Oephebia's incredible gift of communicating with him and healing his body, mind and emotions.

As with most Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Harvey had mitral valve heart disease and his condition worsened dramatically when his wonderful companion Emmy passed away suddenly. I saw how much animals grieve and can die of a broken heart - he would not eat and was very sad. In desperation I found Oephebia on the internet after reading an article in a magazine about her. I was fortunate to have a vet who was fully supportive of distant healing and had worked with animal communicators herself.

As well as the grief Harvey was displaying signs that his heart was deteriorating, however the gradual improvement in him after his healing sessions with Oephebia, was so marvellous to witness. The comfort and re-assurance that Oephebia gave us took us all out of that worrying place and we knew Harvey was getting better.

That was almost two years ago. Harvey will be 12 years old this year and has had a further 2 sets of healing from Oephebia - showing incredible benefit each time. It was such a pleasure to communicate and e-mail Oephebia - she is the most wonderful warm and compassionate person and it was clear that Harvey really enjoyed those healing sessions - he even lay down comfortably as if waiting for Oephebia to commence the healing and seemed so fresh and recharged afterwards.

Harvey loves his new companion Harrison very much (another Cavalier who is nearly two now) and when we walk them so many people ask us if Harvey is a puppy!!! Eternal gratitude to Oephebia she has made such a positive difference to our lives and I recommend her very highly.
Judith Harvey
Words cannot describe our thanks and gratitude to Oephebia for the help, understanding and healing that she has given to our darling little Zelda.

Zelda had developed a terrible hacking cough and wheezing chest, we had taken her to our vet who prescribed a course of tablets which had little or no effects; her wheezing and coughing continued which was very distressing for her and for us to see her suffering.

In desperation we decided to try absent healing and looked on-line for a list of healers; Oephebia's name seemed to strike a chord with us and we got in touch with her.

From the onset we felt a calm reassurance that she would be able to help Zelda and after the first session we began to see a slight improvement in Zelda's condition. After the fifth session we were glad to see that the coughing and wheezing had all but ceased and that Zelda is back to her perky self.

We would strongly recommend Oephebia's therapy to anyone seeking help, assurance and understanding for their pet health and well-being.
Jeane & Ivan Lackerstein
Buzzie is a Springer Spaniel that I bred. He is now 11 years old. In his first five days off life, he would not fight amongst his siblings of ten to drink and feed, so I fed him until he was strong enough to feed for himself. We struck a special bond. Later when he was seven months old, he sat on an adder, he fought bravely through. We had a few cuts and bruises until he was eight years old, when his curiosity got the better of him. He saw a stick moving and unfortunately it was another adder. Twice he bravely fought. It was distressing for us both and our bond just got stronger.

I never wanted to go anywhere without him. This means I do not go on holiday or I do not leave him long on his own at any time. Buzzie picks up on any stress or upset I have which has made him not at all well.

This year in spring he developed a cough. I tried homeopathy and many expensive veterinary explorations. His cough got worse and I spent nights holding him as he weakened from coughing. This strewed and exhausted me, in turn added to my little Buzzie boy fight to get better. One night I called a psychic. She recommended Oephebia and Animals Can Talk 2 Me.

Oephebia was incredible I felt such a connection and trust with her. Buzzie responded very well to Oephebia's distant healing/communication.

After a while he was waiting for her to tell her what he had done in the day. One time during a distant healing session, Buzzie conveyed to Oephebia that he was anxious because I had popped out for 1/2 hour. This was true I had! Another time during another distant healing session, he showed Oephebia the new toy which I just given him.

Buzzie has recovered so brilliantly. He also is less stressed when I go out. He still occasionally coughs but he is happy and has the energy to enjoy life. The coughing comes when the seasons change and when he is anxious for me. So I have to be careful that he does not pick up on mine or others stuff.

I cannot thank Oephebia enough. Her big heart joyfully shines out. I feel completely supported by her. I totally trust in her amazing ability to heal and communicate with animals.

I wish I could talk to Buzzie. Buzzie misses talking to Oephebia, so we will stay with Oephebia as to us she is angel on earth.
Katie Browne
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