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Thanks to Lisa Polo for this video
Patrick is a dog that has suffered at the hands of a human. He was starved, left for dead and then disposed of like a broken toy; thrown down a garbage chute in a plastic bag. Against all odds, he survived and was found barely alive.

When I first saw the pictures of Patrick on a friend’s wall on Facebook, I could not turn a blind eye and knew that I could help this poor creature with healing.

I contacted AHS to see if they would be happy for me to send some healing to Patrick, to help him recover. The shelter was very supportive and open to the idea of animal healing, as they wanted to help Patrick recover from his horrendous physical and psychological wounds in any way possible.

I sent Patrick distant healing for a period of 10 days and I was in constant contact with the shelter during this time. I had some indirect contact with the vets at GSVS via the shelter. At the beginning of the healing, the vets took time to give their comments on the healing to AHS, but as time progressed, they stopped commenting.

Here you can find all the transcripts of the healing sessions, with comments from the vets (updates from their Facebook’s page), and comments from the shelter.
I wish to thank all the people who have contacted me via email and on Facebook to express their love and support for Patrick.

Patrick is a true Ambassador for his breed (Pit-bull). His case also raises the awareness of animal cruelty. Many animals are left in shelters and wait for their own home. Many of these animals have had to endure neglect and abuse. I hope people adopt these hopeful souls in Patrick’s name.

On a personal note, I just hope Patrick the miracle dog as he is known,  will be adopted in the near future by people who will love him for who he is, not for his “celebrity” status. I also hope that he will be given a stable home environment away from the public eye and all the media attention, where he will be allowed to live like a dog, with love and companionship. After all he had to go through, I think he deserves happiness.

My heartfelt thanks to all the people who have been involved in Patrick’s case, we have worked all together to give a chance to a dog that was never regarded as a sentient being but as a piece of trash. Patrick is a symbol of resilience, will to live and the dedication of AHS who believe that animals deserve a second chance.
©Oephebia 2011
Healing Session 1
Please note that comments in blue are from the GSVS (vets).
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 9:09 PM
Subject: Re: Patrick 1st healing session
I am sure that you know about healing and how it works. I just wanted to say that I am doing all I can for Patrick's broken body and for his emotional side. Healing does help on the mind body and spirit, but ultimately Patrick's body will be the one able to kick its own healing abilities. Patrick's spirit is determined and hopefully with the help of all involved (I think the vets have done an amazing job and all the people involved in his care), this little man will pull through. As you know he is not out of the woods yet. Healing has its limitation too.
However, I am happy to report that Patrick's first healing session was tonight from 7.30 pm to 8.15 pm BST (British Summer Time). I have no idea how it translates to your time in the US.
Ok this is what I gathered, when I connected with Patrick. Please bear in my mind that the feelings, emotions, sensations are my own understanding and translation of what Patrick is going through.
Physical level
I felt immediately some nausea, cold and aches and anxiety. My breathing was slightly laboured as it hurts when I breathe (rib cage area).
It seems to me that Patrick's trachea is a bit constricted or bruised? Did he had a tube inserted in there?
No tube, fortunately.
Patrick may be experiencing some pain/discomfort when he swallows his food.
The jaws are tight and around the maxilla it felt tender. Teeth are not so good, is there a cracked tooth/teeth or some tooth broken?
Teeth are worn, stained - none apparently broken.
All that what was I felt, I don't know if it makes sense.
His eyesight seems OK and he can hear well.
The rib cage area felt swollen or bruised? I had the impression of crushed bones.
He has pressure sores over ribs/bony prominences.
Some of the rib cage felt consistent with being kicked? I had this impression but didn't want to ask questions to him directly as I wanted to feel his body to be able to direct the healing where it is needed. As we progress with the healing sessions, I will ask Patrick more info regarding his past when he will be ready (I worked on his emotional side tonight too).
The cervical vertebrae + 12th/13th thoracic vertebrae felt tender or not quite right :-(
The legs are sore and muscles are aching, although I could not sense any broken bones on the legs. Does it make sense?
Yes, he is still very weak & muscle wasted.
When I scan his body going into the base, I sense that Patrick might still be entire? Has he been neutered?
Not yet!
The base chakra felt quite lively...which makes me think that he might be still entire. If he is not, I am happy that this region is lively which means his urinary system is working just fine :-)
Regarding the foreign body, I had the impression that it is located in the stomach/duodenum region rather than the large intestines. Does it make sense?
In stomach.
Emotional level
Patrick was not afraid of my energies and I could feel that he is trusting people. Not a bad bone in his body.
I apologised to him for the horror he went through and promised him that all the people involved in his care will never let this happen to him ever. I told him that everybody wishes him well and that we all love him. I think he was scared because he doesn't know love and to have all these people nurturing him and helping him was a bit too overwhelming for him, so he got anxious. He showed me some grass and the feeling I had is that he likes going outside on the grass and he likes the sun on his body, because it feels very nice :-) At that point I just wanted to cry but didn't for his sake.
We worked on his respiratory system, his digestive system and his bones. We also worked on his emotional level and after the session I had a big headache and felt very tired, which is a good sign. It means that Patrick soaked up on the healing. Oh yes, does he sleep well or he is a bit fidgety in his sleep? I think he might go quiet and have a nap.
Sleeps a lot and apparently very well!
Let me know if all the above make some sort of sense.
I would appreciate to have a rough idea about his physical condition, in order to direct the healing in the right organs/muscles/bones etc.....I did my own scanning of Patrick's body to see where the healing is most needed, but if I could have a vet report, it will help me to go where it is needed most.
Still weak & wobbly when walks & muscle mass needs to improve strength. So far, internal organs doing OK.
Give him a big cuddle for me and I will do his 2nd healing tomorrow around the same time 7.30/8.00 pm BST.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Healing Session 3
Please note that comments in blue are from AHS.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:07 PM
Subject: Re: 3rd healing session
Thank you for the picture of Patrick's sores, received safely.
Tonight Patrick's session was from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm BST.
His energies were not as good as yesterday; it feels like he is tired. The energies felt disconnected and like in cotton wool. Has Patrick had some kind of medical test(s) very recently since I last communicated with him? I don't know but his energies did not feel buoyant like yesterday. I felt a slight distension of his stomach.
Patrick had a very laid-back day. Was active this morning & then tired easily. They did an EKG this a.m. because of fluid (I do not know if it was around the lungs or the heart) but they said it will take time.
He was also very quiet today, which is a bit unusual for him as he loves the healing. I worked on his general well being, concentrating on his sores, his muscles and his energies, to try to top them up.
I didn't get any messages as he is so quiet and tired.
Could you let me know if any of the above make sense as I am a bit worried tonight about him.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information.
This was an update posted on GSVS Facebook page.
Healing Session 4
Please note that comments in blue are from AHS.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 11:16 PM
Subject: Re: 4th healing session
Tonight Patrick's session was slightly later, from 8.15 pm to 9.50 pm BST.
The energies were a bit better than yesterday, although the little guy is still tired.
Below is what happened during the session in no particular order, as I cannot remember all and it will come back in my mind as I type.
Please note that I am working with Patrick's energy field around his body, and what he tries to convey to me is given in form of images, impressions, feelings, sounds, tastes, hearing etc... I then need to translate this into something coherent and understandable. Not all of it makes sense to me, hence some of my questions.
His energies have picked up since yesterday and I had an impression of heat. Now, I know his temperature was not good when he was rescued, has his body temperature stabilised at a normal or almost normal level now? Has he got heated pads underneath his bed or was he somewhere a bit warmer today? The heat felt nice :-)
I also had the distinctive impression that Patrick has been more inquisitive and at some point he showed me an impression of him with his head in something, and being very intrigued about what was inside the looks like a bag/envelope or similar with things/treats in there?
Patrick had lots of boxes, envelopes, paper bags donated with stuff inside. He may have very well had his nose in one or many of the donations.
Is he becoming more inquisitive? A symbolic picture popped into my head of a monkey...not a real one, a toy or similar...has he received a monkey/toy? Or perhaps someone calls him monkey?
One of the boxes that were opened had lots of stuffed animals and ONLY ONE GREEN MONKEY!
Since then it transpired that Patrick has a blanket with monkeys on it and someone pointed out at me that one of the staff calls Patrick monkey (apparently it is on one of the video filmed by GSVS).
I also had the impression of movement with the legs and he having physiotherapy or similar to help with the muscles?
The stomach/abdomen area felt a bit bloated and "heavy", like when we had to much to eat kind of thing. A slight discomfort. (As per second healing session). This is what I felt.
Food is on his mind a lot.....Does he get a small meal or treat during the afternoon?
They do give him treats in the afternoon.
As usual I explained to Patrick what I was going to do with him. I asked him to relax and we worked on his digestive system, his muscles, his whole skeleton and of course his sores. We worked on his energy level and his tiredness too. It feels like his skin is improving and is becoming more hydrated. I felt some itchiness around his back though.
I finished the session by telling him that everybody around him is there to make him feel better, that the tests that he has had and no doubt will have in the Future are to help him and not to be afraid as we all love him and would not do anything to hurt him. I told him about all the messages of love from all over the world that people are sending to him and that everybody wishes him to get stronger soon.
At that point, he just showed me himself yawning which is a great at it is a sign of release (and not boredom or tiredness as in human's understanding).
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information.
On 13th April 2011 GSVS published the following on their Facebook page:
This make sense to me as I felt some itchiness on several occasion during the healing sessions done with Patrick.
Healing Session 5
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 9:47 PM
Subject: Re: 5th healing session
Tonight's session with Patrick was from 8.00 to 8.30 pm BST.
As usual it is not in any particular order as Patrick was sending me random images whilst I was doing his healing.
I am pleased that Patrick's energies feel more settled. He is still a bit tired though. The week end was a mix of rest and walks. His nose was quite overwhelmed by new scents; did he go somewhere new for his walks?
I had the impression of chicken, almost like a KFC/Southern Fried box with drumsticks. Now I am a vegetarian so it was a bit of an odd image. It does not mean that Patrick had some, it means that he was aware of the smell of chicken. Perhaps someone ate something similar at the office this week end?
Has Patrick put on weight since the last few days? I had the impression of a slight increase of his weight and his muscles seem to be a bit bigger. It feels like a dry sponge that is slowly taking on water, and little by little becoming fuller :-)
Patrick showed me his tail for some reason, the base of the tail...I sense a slight discomfort. Has he got a scar, a scratch, a sore there?
I had the impression of the stomach still being unsettled...kind of feeling bloated (does not mean it is physically, it is just an impression of bloating). I also had the impression that the hind legs, the lower back and pelvis area are stiff. A bit of itchiness with the back.
I saw a needle I don't know if Patrick had an injection or something done since Friday?
Impression of movement of the legs, assessement of his muscles, tendons or bones?
I still have a kind of sensitivity with the neck. I wonder if, in the future, when Patrick will hopefully be back to a normal size if, instead of a collar it would be better to use a harness. Better control and less pressure on his trachea.
Patrick likes crunchy things to nibble on...and chewing things, although I felt discomfort when chewing things that are too hard.
Patrick showed me a disturbing picture of himself chewing on a metal bar or something similar. I don't know what it means, but I felt the teeth chewing on the metal...very hard on the teeth :-(
I worked on his muscular mass, concentrating on the back and hind legs. Worked on his digestive system, his skeleton, his neck, vertabraes, trachea, tendons and his sores...the whole body. Patrick absorbed the healing quite well and seemed to enjoy the whole process.
I asked Patrick a few basic questions (active communication).
How do you feel emotionally?
The impression I had was that he is feels less scared and kind of happy. He likes being around people and has very little fear of them. I sensed strongly that he enjoys the attention he is getting and to him it is such a new experience, that he is just living it to the fullest.
Have you got any pain?
Patrick showed me his back legs and back. I think it is stiffness/discomfort as opposed to a sharp pain.
What else can we do to make you more comfortable?
Patrick replied "more food please" (*please note that animals do not speak any human languages, so Patrick did not use English or French, but the way it conveyed his answer made me translate his feelings in a coherent fashion which is a language).
Do you know what you have ingested?
I had the impression of a kind of food with wrapping, something sugary like a candy/chocolate bar perhaps. Impression that he wolfed down the whole thing with its wrapping.
I finished the session by telling him of the love we all have for him and all the support and love he has from many people. He felt contented and kind of tired.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information.
This was an update posted on GSVS Facebook page.
On 13th April 2011, the following update was posted on regarding Patrick’s muscular problems.
4 ©Associated Humane Societies
Healing Session 6
----- Original Message -----
To: Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 9:05 PM
Subject: Re: 6th healing session
Patrick 6th session was from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm BST.
The energies were more up and down, a mix of happy going and feeling a tad tired. Perhaps he had some activities since yesterday and was feeling a bit tired or at least his body needed to recuperate.
The first impression I had is that he was "hanging" around today. I also sensed that within the last few days, he has more of a routine during the day? I had a strong smell of fish at some point during the healing...I have no idea of what it means! Could it be that he is taking some fish supplements for his joints? Or eating fish?
Patrick showed me that he is petted by people all the time and he really enjoys all the attention.
Had the impression of a new energy too on his ward, new dog coming in? New staff? New vet?
Patrick showed me another dog, kind of fawn/caramel in colour; the picture came so fast that I couldn't make the breed of the dog. The feeling coming from this was that Patrick may have had a "friend" in the past, or a dog he saw on several occasions. No idea it is at the hospital or when he was a young pup. I didn't get the impression that he has a friend at the hospital. I am not sure if he is interested in other dogs at the moment. This could change obviously :-)
He showed me a picture of him running and wanted to play with a ball and run after it, but he expressed his disappointment that he cannot run yet. I don't know if he has attempted to run a tiny bit already? Tug of war is a game he seems to love. I told him that he will be able to run and play tug of war when his body will be stronger.
I won't attempt any active communication about his past yet as I would like his physical body to be a tad stronger before attempting anything which frankly will be upsetting for him. However I am happy to ask him questions about him now and his feelings. Could you give me a list of questions you would like to ask him?
Tonight we worked on his whole body, from head to toes, : urogenital, endocrine, lympathic, nervous, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, superficial and deep muscles, skeleton, skin and sores. We also worked on his emotional being and released some of the stress from the last few weeks.
His back feels a tiny bit better, but the pelvis is still a bit stiff and his back legs do not feel not supple as they could be.
As usual, he soaked up on the healing like a little sponge.
I finished the session by telling him about all the people who care about him, and of the love pouring his way.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information.
On 13th April 2011, the following update was posted on GSVS Facebook page.
Healing Session 7
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: 7th healing session
I am writing this email and you are probably still asleep in your part of the world. Strange eh?
It was a funny session as my 2 rescued kitties were really interested to participate to the healing too.
I did Patrick's 7th healing session from 10.00 to 10.30 am (BST) so 5.00/5.30 am your time!
His energies were quite peaceful (as he was probably asleep as one can expect).
The experience of going to the studios yesterday did not seem to phase him. The ride in the car/ambulance was surprisingly not a bad experience as I did not sense any fear coming from him. He took it on his stride.
The studios etc... I had no particular impressions coming from Patrick, again he was not phased. However his nose was quite working overtime with some interesting smell...and who gave him some treats whilst at the TV studio?
He conveyed to me that he needs to pee like a "man"...and that he cannot raise his leg up to do so
. We worked a lot on his pelvis, muscles, tendons etc... on his hind legs and it will be interesting to see if within the next few days he is going to be able to do his business like a "man" or at least attempt to do it as nature intended.
At some point he expressed the word handsome and beautiful, and what I sensed is what he was wondering why people said that to him. I explained that humans need to express their emotions and feelings with language. The feeling coming from him is that he likes it.
Words express feelings and this little guy is very aware of what it is said to him (although he does not understand the meaning of the words, he understands the intention behind the words).
He soaked up on the healing quite well, and although I would expect him to be a bit tired today due to his adventure, he should feel quite balanced within himself.
Also watch out for some mischievous and/or boisterous behaviour, you remember I sensed a while ago that he had these wonderful energies buried in him, they are more coming into the surface now...soon he will show his cheeky side :-)
I will do his 8th healing session tonight as usual.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information.
AHS posted the following video:

©Associated Humane Societies
Now we know who gave him some treats at the studio.
On 13th April 2011, the following update was posted on GSVS Facebook page.
The following has been posted on the AHS website:
7 ©Associated Humane Societies
Healing Session 8
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 8:56 PM
Subject: Re: Patrick 8th healing session
Tonight Patrick session was from 8.05 pm to 8.30 pm (BST).
His energy levels were not too bad considering the busy day he had yesterday.
I had the impression that he has now a routine with walks, playing, food and siesta. Something about grooming popped in my head, perhaps he had a grooming session or did he groom himself? I had a feeling of pampering.
We topped up his morning healing session and we worked on his pelvis, muscles, tendons, back, hind legs, tail and his abdomen.
We also worked on his energy levels and his well being.
I must say that it feels that his body is responding quite well and soon we should see him fuller and able to do his business like a normal male dog.
The only slight disturbance I felt, is the lower jaw, one tooth at the back seems different or more sensitive...perhaps tartar?
As usual he enjoyed his session and I felt contentment coming from him. He was told of the love people have for him, people in contact with him and people he never met.
I think he should be ready for some gentle communication next week. If you could be kind to let me know what you would like to ask him.
More healing is needed on his body, and if the vets could let me know where they feel healing should be directed specifically, I would be grateful.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information.
On 18th & 19th April 2011, the following updates were posted on GSVS Facebook page
Healing Session 9
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 8:42 PM
Subject: Re: Patrick 9th Session
Tonight Patrick 9th session was from 8.00 pm to 8.20 pm.
His energies are quite stable and not too bad considering that his body is still recovering from starvation.
I had the impression that Patrick has been a bit naughty since I last connected with him, and was told off (in a nicest way possible, like someone saying "No Patrick" whilst laughing). I don't know what the little guy did, but his cheeky side is coming to the surface.
Saying that, I felt a bit of frustration and boredom too. I had the impression that he wants to play more and more, but he gets a bit tired and/or people do not have the time to play with him.
He also showed me the gentleman with the beard that was with him when they went to the studio (I think his name is John?). I felt that Patrick likes him a lot and I don't know if he saw him or if they play since I last connected with Patrick.
We worked on his tendons, muscles, pelvis, stomach, jaws and try to top up his energy field for him to get less tired.
Of course, I finished the session by telling him of the love we all have for him, people he sees on an everyday basis, and people that he do not see but send their love from all over the world. I told him of my love for him too.
As you know I will take the week-end off to recharge my batteries and will resume his sessions on Monday.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information
On 13th April 2011, the following update was posted on GSVS Facebook page.
Healing Session 10
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: Patrick last healing session
Tonight Patrick's healing session was from 8.00 pm to 8.20 pm (BST). This was Patrick last session for a while as I feel that his body has recovered from the sorry state it was.
Patrick's energies are much stronger now and it feels like he is getting less tired. He gave me the impression that the week end was a mix of activities with people visiting him (although I didn't get the impression that the visits were hospital's staff). I had the impression of a towel around his body? I don't know, it felt nice.
Patrick seems to have a routine now and apart from the obstruction (which incidentally does not feel as heavy as before) and gaining more weight in due time, it feels like he is ok now :-)
I worked on his muscles, tendons, muscles, chakras, skin and his emotional side too.
I finished the session by telling him that it was his last session as his body is stronger. I conveyed my love for him and the love of so many people that contacted me to tell Patrick of their love. I was definitively sad that our little chats and healing sessions are now coming to an end, but on the other hand, it makes me feel so happy that the healing is no longer needed.
As I said, when Patrick will have to be neutered and when the vets will tackle the obstruction, let me know and I will send more healing to the little guy.
I would like to say thank you to you and the for their support during the 10 days of healing and thank you to all people who contacted me to offer their support.
I hope Patrick's case will have inspired many people to adopt animals from shelters to give these poor souls a place called home filled with love and compassion.
Best wishes
©Oephebia 2011
Follow up information
On 12th April, the following update was posted on the AHS website.
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