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I first heard of Oephebia as an animal communicator and healer from Maren Dallmann of our London Support Group, and then met Oephebia on two occasions during presentations in the UK. I was struck by the warmth of her personality and her obvious passion for healing and helping animals several thousand miles away. She had read about one of our newly rescued bears in January 2013 - then called Sun Li after our Chinese celebrity ambassador - and later named by Sun Li as Xuan Xuan, a character she played on Chinese TV.

Oephebia wrote and asked if she could work with Xuan Xuan as she felt she could help after seeing a video of this very sad bear.

During this time, Oephebia advised that her communication with Xuan Xuan immediately revealed that she didn't like rice - which we found was true compared with the other bears who happily ate it as part of their diet. She also advised that Xuan Xuan liked to play with water, but this was a mystery to everyone in the team as this habit didn't present itself at all while she was recovering in her transport cage. However, it was only after we moved her in to a den that we were thrilled to see that Xuan Xuan loved to play with the water fountain in the pool in her enclosure.

Oephebia also advised that her sessions revealed that Xuan Xuan had arthritis and broken teeth - which we also found during her health check and were able to treat while she remained in quarantine.

As Oephebia says: "All the little observations mentioned were from the healing reports sent every day to AnimalsAsia. This healing was done on a daily basis, concentrating on her organs, her teeth, her jaws, her kidneys, her bones, her stomach before and after surgery etc. As I am not an expert on bears, and was working from London and Xuan Xuan was in China, I could not have known some of the info without connecting with her."

During these rescues we keep an open mind when bears are as sick and depleted as Xuan Xuan, and our team were happy to trial Oephebia's long distance help. Oephebia connected with Xuan Xuan with a pure heart and a will to heal, and we were grateful for her help and kindness.

As we wrote at the time: "Staff are amazed by Xuan Xuan. Yesterday afternoon she was sleeping with her head just on top of her food bowl, gently breathing in a deep deep sleep and oblivious to her admirers standing in front of her cage. Bear worker Tao advises that she is nice and calm, which is incredible when we remember just how she arrived. Is this really the same bear that lunged out in terror, and moaned and trembled in her cage? Earlier she had eaten all her food and there was no need to soften her biscuits with honeyed water, as she hoovered it all down with gusto. She still has a little trouble with vegetables - especially carrots - which is probably something to do with her broken and rotten teeth. These are scheduled for extraction once she has recovered from her abdominal surgery. All in all she is doing really well."

With grateful thanks to Oephebia for communicating with Xuan Xuan almost immediately after she arrived, and sending her positive energy during those traumatic few weeks. My endless respect and thanks too, to our veterinary and bear team who offered professional intervention, tender loving care, good nutrition, and behavioural rehabilitation, that saw Xuan Xuan through her trauma, to her days now where she is a gloriously happy and healthy bear.
Jill Robinson MBE, h.c.
Founder & CEO
Animals Asia Foundation
Thank you for the insightful and re-assuring reading you did for me regarding my soul son a most special monkey named Didi.

As someone who works at rescuing monkeys and baboons in a country that persecutes them, I have witnessed much tragedy these animals endure as they attempt to survive while humans encroach on their habitats. Those of us who do this work, with all the human related death it reveals, eventually are forced to detach as much as possible if they are to continue.

Didi was the first vervet monkey orphan I nurtured as an infant. His mother had been shot by a farmer and someone kindly brought him to me so he could survive. Unable to detach from the inevitable mother\child cross-species bond that developed between him and I, and the exceptional telepathic connection we enjoyed, I became increasingly protective of him while watching him interact with his own kind freely in the forest we shared.

Male vervet monkeys disperse from their birth troops when they become sexually mature; Didi tried to disperse for the very first time on the 9th November and I began to track his movements, letting the neighborhood know I was looking for him to get him back home. Unfortunately he wandered onto a particularly nasty person's property. A few days later I heard the news that this man had shot him for no reason other than to kill in spite of knowing that he had the option to call me to fetch him.

The specific characteristics about Didi that Oephebia pointed out were uncannily accurate: the way he'd look for ages into certain people's eyes as if reading their every detail (which is not normal monkey language), his mischievousness and intent on playing mind games with those he was close to. Oephebia saw him with another big monkey, probably a baboon who had recently passed. She asked who Bella was - at the time I didn't know but the next day I got a call for help to get another primate orphan to us. She'd already been named Bella.

All of these accurate details showed me that Didi was speaking through Oephebia, this knowing has been softly comforting during my grief. Thank you Oephebia for all you do for our animal kin.

Much love from myself, the primates, cats and dogs here. Xxxx
Karin Saks
Darwin Primate Group
For nearly two decades I have lived my life trying to protect wild hippos here in Zimbabwe, Africa. I am now known as a hippo expert and my knowledge of these magnificent animals has increased with every day I spend in their world.

My husband is a scientist with a PhD in geology and both of us realise that our world is not just what we see around us. When you live in Africa as close to nature as ourselves and you share each day with the natural world, you see so much. We also share our lives with Africa's people who have not been schooled in European ways, whose beliefs and knowledge of so many things far surpass what both of us grew up with. Your eyes are opened to other aspects of our lives.

When you watch daily not only the lives of hippos but all the other animals that interact in their habitat, the birds, the reptiles, the animals that move in the circle of the hippos' home, then you cannot help but be amazed and awed by the system that exists within this natural world, which again is far superior than the world of man.

Recently in July, I found a young male hippo by the name of Five, dead. His death was natural in that he had been killed by another hippo. Yet his own mother Blackface was, of all these Turgwe Hippos, the most protective, and Five was her first son in nearly 20 years. I knew that, had she been alive, he would not have died. Therefore, with his death I finally believed that his mother must also have died. I needed answers and I found them.

I have for years known a lady in the USA who held a very high position in a huge animal welfare organisation, one of the biggest in America. This lady suggested I contacted one of two animal communicators that she knew of. Oephebia and her gift of animal communication has now shown me what happened to my Lady Blackface hippo.

Blackface died at the hands of man. She was shot and her body and head have disappeared, completely gone. In the feedback that I received from Oephebia there were too many accurate observations that even the most skeptical of humans could not have dismissed. I know, as does my husband, that Blackface indeed was in touch with Oephebia. I now know how she died and I am investigating further what she told us as to who killed her.

So what has this communication achieved for me? I cannot revenge her death as this would be counter-productive. If one is as evil as the person who has done such a terrible thing to a beloved animal, then one is on the same level as the perpetrator. I have had ten months of immense emotional pain, wondering why my lady disappeared during the two weeks I had to go away, and what had happened to her. I now know.

These men, by shooting her, killed not only Blackface but her son as well, as he lost his mother, his shield. Yet her genes live on in Cheeky, a daughter of hers born in 1990. Blackface must now become the ambassador for these Turgwe hippos. Her death must not have been in vain.

Jean-Roger and I have found ourselves strengthened in our desire to protect the animals around us. Justice will come, but it is just not my own hands that can deliver it. What goes around comes around and these men's merciless souls will be dealt with.

Blackface is totally at peace now and walks with others of her kind. She holds no revenge nor malice in her spirit. She just wants us to continue our work here and never to lose our focus on the wonder and beauty of our natural world. She tells us to be vigilant and to be there for her kind.

I can only honour her request.
Karen Paolillo
Founder of the Turgwe Hippo Trust
Hippo Haven
The Turgwe Hippo Trust
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