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Animal communication is a basic language that can be accessible to all. People often say that they do not think that they can communicate with an animal because they need to have a "gift".

However, you do not need to have superpowers to communicate with animals, it is not the case and the good news is, we all can learn to "talk" to animals.

Oephebia has put together a method using simple techniques to show you how easy it is to let animals communicate with you and run workshops teaching these techniques.
Private Animal Communication Workshop
Many people would love to attend the animal communication workshops but find it difficult to travel to London. Oephebia has been conducting several private workshops in the comfort of people's homes, gardens and offices.

Do you have 6 friends (minimum) who are interested in learning animal communication? Do you want to spend a day with your friends, having fun whilst learning to communicate with animals?

Do you have a room in your home, or conservatory, or an office, able to accommodate you and your friends (minimum six up to ten) with minimal distraction? Pets from the household are welcome to join in during the workshop.

Then get in touch to arrange a suitable date for an animal communication workshop in your own home. The host/hostess will get their place free of charge (if your spouse or significant other wants to attend the workshop, they will get a discount).
Animal Organisations
If you work with an animal organisation, stables, shelter, vet surgery or a sanctuary and you would like to learn about animal communication in order to help the animals further, why not to get in touch?

Special discounts will be offered to animal organisations/sanctuaries/stables and vets etc.

Minimum of 6 people is required.
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